The Minecraft version 1.12, also known as World of Color Update, is an upcoming major and unblocked update. It is possible to play it now and help Mojang fixing all bugs.

Many new features has been introduced for the new unblocked version. We are going to present you all major features, aswell as the Download file.




Illusioners are a new mob type introduced on 13th March 2017 for 1.12. They are hostile to players, villagers and iron golems and will attack immediately.

It’s obvious that illusioners are offsprings of villagers, as they look very similar. Their species are called Illagers, the other ones are the vindicator and the evoker.



Parrots are a new neutral creatures species introduced on 13th March 2017 for 1.12. They are not hostile to the player and will spawn during the day.

They come in five different colors: red, lime green, blue, cyan and grey. The jungle is their home as they are flying around and will flee immediately, if they get provoked. It is possible to tame them with a cookie.


Concrete Block

Concrete Block
All Concrete Blocks

Concrete Powder

Concrete Powder Block
All Concrete Powder Blocks

Terracotta Block

Terracota Block
All Terracotta Blocks

Coming with the new update, Mojang has introduced 3 new type of blocks. Everyone comes in 16 different variations, or more precisely colors.

Concrete powder is a solid block, affected by gravity and needs a shovel to take its loot. Obviously it will fall, when the block beneath gets destroyed.

The Concrete Block is formed, when concrete powder comes into contact with a block of water. You have to make sure, it is save from rain, cauldrons, particles or similar things. It requires a pickaxe to get the loot.

Glazed terracotta is a completly new type of block. When placed, the texture will rotate as the player moves in some direction. The primary use of this block is for decoration and it can be mined with a pickaxe, to get the loot. It is also possible to produce it by smelting any stained caly.


Recipe Book

The Recipe Book is a new addition, introduced in Minecraft Unblocked Version 1.12. The goal of this feature is to give the user an opportunity, to check all recipes which he has already unlocked.

If you check out a single recipe, it’s possible to create it automatically, when all resources are available. By searching excited in the Recipe Book, the language will be switched to Pirate Speak.



The archivements has been completly overwritten. It is now a tab based user interface and can be personalized with JSON files. Five tabs are supported in the basic version, including

  • Minecraft: The heart and story of the game
  • Adventure: Adventure, exploration and combat
  • Nether: Bring summer clothes
  • The End: Or the beginning?
  • Husbandry: The world is full of friends and food


A new narrator feature has been introduced in the Minecraft Free 1.12 Update. It reads a player’s message in the chatbox including his name. Press CTRL + B to activate the narrator. He will not read commands, command outputs or messages that start with /me.

Other sounds has been added aswell, including Parrots, Illusioners, casting a fishing rod, reeling a fishing rod, throwing an eye of ender, exploding eye of ender, boat paddles and a few more.

Minecraft Unblocked Free

There are many other minor additions and changes for 1.12, you can check the complete changelog here. It’s still much work to do, before MoJang releases the final edition, but trust me, playing the new version is really fun. Download it now below.